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MiDAS Driver Training provides first-class, accredited programmes of training for minibus drivers, whether you are an experienced minibus driver, need a refresher course or are completely new to minibus driving.


MIDAS Training
Train your Minibus drivers to a nationally recognised standard.
Fleet Training
Covering vehicle maintenance, safe driving, and driver risk assessments

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What is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme?

MiDAS Driver Training

Following a significant number of accidents involving minibuses and larger vehicles, the government has introduced the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, also know as MiDAS.

The scheme aims to introduce a nationally recognised standard of driving, ensuring that all minibus drivers are assessed and have adequate training. MiDAS aims to promote the safe driving and operation of minibuses. Read more...


MiDAS helped me to get my company on the road quickly and with a minimum of fuss J.P

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We found the training really useful and interesting! Russ

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