Midas Refresher Training

Midas Refresher Training and Why it’s So Important

There is no doubt that the Midas scheme has been incredibly popular and successful since its inception. Helping to improve the driving skills of anyone who may get behind the wheel of a minibus, it really has improved road safety for all concerned. Passing your Midas qualification initially is just the first step on your road safety journey though.

What is Midas refresher training?

Every driver who has gained the Midas minibus training qualification is required to attend refresher training every four years to renew it. The reason behind this is simple – when you pass initially, this is just the first stage in the assessment and training needed to drive a minibus safely. After four years, new training may have been developed that is useful and it is a way of making sure everyone who holds a Midas qualification drives to a high standard.

Why is refresher training so important?

There are many factors that make Midas refresher training so vital. It will enable you to meet other Midas drivers and share experiences with them as well as receiving the latest training. As the Midas scheme is continually developing, it also gives you chance to offer feedback. Of course, the most important thing is that it renews your Midas qualification for another four years.

If you require Midas minibus training then get in touch with Midas Driver Training today. Whether it is refresher training or the first time you have tried for the certificate, we can help you succeed.

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