What is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme?

What is Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme Training?

MiDAS specialise in the delivery of Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme Training. But what is MiDAS?

Following a significant number of accidents involving minibuses and larger vehicles, the government has introduced the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, also know as MiDAS.

The scheme aims to introduce a nationally recognised standard of driving, ensuring that all minibus drivers are assessed and have adequate training. MiDAS aims to promote the safe driving and operation of minibuses.

Working in partnership the Community Transport Association, MiDAS works with a number of organisations to try and improve safety across the UK, as well as improve the level of all minibus drivers in the UK. The scheme has the option to include the use of tail lifts and similar devices for wheelchairs that permit the passenger to travel safely while remaining in their wheelchair.

A vital component of MiDAS is refresher training courses. Such training occurs every four years, and drivers must attend within four years of passing to retain their MiDAS certificate.

The vast majority of organisations, even voluntary groups, now require MiDAS training in order to allow a driver to operate a large vehicle. Therefore, for many people, completing MiDAS driver training is essential. We believe that safety on the road is paramount and that, for many people, being able to drive a minibus is vital.

All our members, instructors and courses are approved by the relevant authorities, meaning that you can feel safe that you are being trained by fully qualified experts. Whether you need to drive a minibus for your job or if you’re simply looking to learn a new skill, MiDAS driver training can give you the advice and support you need throughout training.