Services Offered by MiDAS Driver Training

MIDAS Training

We can ensure your organisation's minibus drivers are fully trained to a nationally recognised standard.

The Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS) helps drivers for charities and other non-commercial organisations achieve an excellent standard of driving and awareness of their passengers. The scheme is administered by the Community Transport Association UK.

Our experienced Approved Driving Instructor can deliver theory lessons and give your drivers practical driving assessments to help them gain their certificates. Drivers must also complete a refresher course to comply with MiDAS regulations every four years, and we can provide those refresher courses.

We offer standard MiDAS courses and enhanced courses for drivers of minibuses which are accessible to wheelchairs. The extra training in matters such as assisting disabled people and using ramps safely is vitally important to many community organisations.

Our training is excellent and convenient. We come to you, hold theory sessions at your premises, and use your minibuses. Our ADI-qualified instructor is also available for extra training.

It's important to note that anyone who is going to drive a minibus, or applying for MIDAS training, should check their driving licence to ensure it complies with the law.

Fleet Training

Companies must now ensure they have a robust training regime for anyone who drives for work.

Firms have a duty of care to their employees and other road users, and the law states that health and safety regimes must be up to standard. Although individual road traffic offences remain the responsibility of drivers, inadequate training could also lead to a company being prosecuted.

It's important to ensure working drivers are properly trained. Up to a third of all accidents on the roads involve someone driving for work.

Our fleet training is delivered by our expert Approved Driving Instructor. We can deliver the training to help your drivers understand their responsibilities when it comes to vehicle maintenance and safe driving, and we can carry out Driver Risk Assessments.

Our training is both practical and theoretical and is convenient for your firm. We come to your workplace, carry out training at your premises and use your fleet, so your drivers are training on familiar vehicles.

Not only is training vital to comply with health and safety rules, it could also save your company money in the long term. Defensive driving techniques taught to your drivers could help reduce your fleet's fuel bill by promoting fuel-efficient driving, and proper training for staff helps to reduce insurance costs.

MiDAS Fleet Training