Midas Driver Training

Take the MiDAS Challenge

Whether you boast years of experience as a minibus driver or you are just starting out in the field, MiDAS Driver Training is guaranteed to have the right programme for you.

As is the case in any industry, methods are continually changing and it is important to consistently educate yourself.

A Challenge Fit for Drivers

The nationally recognised training programmes that are available from MiDAS are designed to challenge the driver, whatever their standard, so that they become an even better driver upon completion of the course.

As a minibus driver, you will find yourself responsible for the safety of numerous people. With that in mind, our courses focus on considerably more than just driving technique.

We go the extra mile – and beyond

We teach drivers all about the layers associated with driver risk assessment, vehicle maintenance, safety and fleet training.

At MiDAS, we pride ourselves on providing a level of tuition that will bring improvement to everyone who enrols with us.

We are very much of the mindset that no driver ever stops learning, and enlisting in one of our courses is a great way of bolstering your CV.

Enhancing Your Awareness is the Way Forward

One of our key characteristics is illustrated in our name – MiDAS stands for Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme. At the heart of everything we teach is a message to remain constantly aware.

Upon completion of a MiDAS programme, you will return to your company a better and more rounded driver.

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